Learn Technology

The Purposebridge Academy

We are obsessed with listening to our clients and customers, and one thing we hear again and again, loud and clear, is that some things, you would like to learn for yourself, and how to do them.

We've heard you! and here it is.. the Academy:

Learn the way you want to, in face-to-face classroom settings (we use a number of collaborative working spaces across the South-Coast of England and London)

Choose a course, with several classes to deep dive into a subject, learning skills for life, or chose to dip into the weekly class where you can learn smaller topics, but bring your particular challenge to the class clinic

Image by Austin Distel

Face-to-Face Classes

Our Face-to-Face classes are held in COVID-19 secure meeting rooms and hosted by some of our favourite collaborative co-working spaces, which include:

  • Platf9rm, Brighton

  • Rume2, Chichester

  • FreedomWorks, Gatwick

  • TheHearth, Kensall Rise London

  • The ARC, Homerton, London

How to set Strategy, Tactics and Goals