At Purposebridge Limited, we specialise in working with customers who want the speed, efficiency and inclusion that the very best digital or online tools can provide, but who want none of the friction that goes with it.

Our Customers want to be able to pick the 'best in breed' solutions for the problems they need to solve.

So often, they have been underwhelmed with a 'one size fits all' solution that in truth fits none well.

A great example of this was in 2019, April, when the full impact of the UK lockdown for Covid-19 hit clients who until then, had only existed as face to face businesses, perhaps supported by social media. The explosion in our business came hand in hand with the environmental opportunities that followed:

  • Everyone needed to use Zoom, Teams, Hangouts; if you were not on Video Conference, you were not in business. While freaking out many, the new audiences that could be reached were unforeseen goodness in a bleak world

  • The need to maximize efficiencies, things like have just one Master Customer record that could be used across multiple business platforms became an imperative - the same record must be useable for a dashboard view of prospects, customers, deals lost and won, evangelists and marketeers

  • OmniPlatforms are still hugely differentiated, exactly how should a campaign be built for LinkedIn vs another for TikTok when these are the only route to market for your product or service?

Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) were long claimed to be going to change everything, in fact, it was a global pandemic that did that, but The Cloud and its on-demand, utility services were ready.

The truth though is that many of my friends and colleagues have been left fearful of getting left out, or left behind as these technologies have grown.

This has given me, and my company Purposebridge the opportunity to build a set of Services, that are here to serve you.


We Make Technology a Tool You Use and Control Fearlessly to Accelerate Your Business Goals #MakeITWorkForYou

Virtual CTO

An interim CIO or commonly referred to as Fractional IT Leader is now one of the most important board-level appointments that an organization can make. Reporting into CEO or CFO, interim CIOs drive technology-enabled business transformation.

In Start-Ups or small businesses, this is most often the founder or business owner.

Being able to secure a technology executive with decades of deep technical, product and operational skills, gained over 20 years with Microsoft / Oracle at quite literally a fraction of the cost has made this one of the most valued services we have delivered since 2016

Business Coaching

Toward the best version of you


Building Diversity

Starting with attracting then working through hiring to building inclusive workspaces where staff and thrive and grow

Scaling up your leadership and influence

The highest level performers in any field always have great coaches and mentors to get them to the next level. You need honesty and experience to open new possibilities for yourself. You deserve a great coach!

Building executive presence

I spent 14 years at Microsoft and helped many breaks through the glass ceiling, getting a promotion to positions of real power and influence. You will learn how to be all of you, at home, at work and in every element of your life.


Expanding Small Business

10 years at start-ups, I know exactly how to support and grow your personal brand in your solopreneur or entrepreneur business. I am particularly keen to share best practices and cloud services (SaaS) to drive efficiency and optimize your limited resources