How can I be an inclusive online meeting host?

It truly is a matter of inclusion, that we learn the simple grace, and competencies to be great hosts - even online.

Inclusion is a matter of valuing every team member so that they have

  • Greater power to act

  • Greater power to generate personal well being

These tips and tricks have been learned over the last 10 years of corporate life, but Post COVID, where we are all online so much more, these best practices should really help you.

Although based on my experience with Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Hangouts and Webex - the advice is fully transferable to almost any online meeting

Why would publishing an agenda, keeping to time, muting and spotlighting matter so much?

Simply because our online selves, will be a temporary fix. Sure, many of us will change our lives in significant ways post COVID, but one of those, will not be a permanent move away from face to face interaction - but - we have learned that we don't need to be incessantly on the move to communicate, to travel, to commute. We will embrace online as it serves our purpose.

That, as with all things, either intentionally or unintentionally excludes some unfairly and includes those with most privilege.

Make sure you are creating a space that is usable, functional equitably for all your teams - some will thrive in a formal structure, but others will only be included if you make informal space available too: hold 'Cafes', 'Open Hours', 'Ask me Anything' sessions at a regular time week after week not for your agenda, but for theirs. Your role is a facilitator is not to declare right or wrong, not true or false, but to allow observations, distinctions to be valued. What do I mean? A hand is a hand - but a surgeon and a fortune teller observe something completely different.

You are welcome to download and use the presentation here: (please give me a credit if you do!)

How to be a great, inclusive, online hos
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