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James Stanbridge 

CEO and Founder

Former Director of Microsoft and Vice-President of Oracle, James Stanbridge has some of the most in-depth knowledge available when it comes to current technologies in the present day market. His expertise have led him to work on projects at a global level, some of which you will still be using on an every day basis.

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Lucy McKechnie

Business Development Manager

Lucy's arrival at Purposebridge led to us taking on more diverse industries than ever before. Her knowledge of our services and products, give her the ability to show prospective clients the opportunities that our services  and software eco-systems can provide for their business and industry. 

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Rafael Harbour

Data Scientist 

Graduating with a 1st in Data Science from Surrey University Rafael also has a masters degree in mathematics from the University of Singapore. An interest in dimensional reduction algorithm, Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD), and its application to time-series data. Rafael has great development capabilities when it comes to creating bespoke software and data engineering.  


Purposebridge History

Starting in 2016...

Purposebridge has been on a journey to be where we are today.

Beginning the journey as virtual CTO's and Business Coaching, we soon realised the need for virtual CTO management could be done in a much more efficient manor. The creation of our bespoke dashboards allowed people to recognise the potential of there own capabilities in the field of their data and tech resources. By combining this with out integration and automation capabilities we were able to leave businesses in a position to manage their own platforms. Our educational services mean teams are now able to manage all of the platforms, workflows and integrations themselves. 

The more recent development of Purposebridge has aimed to find a solution to such a frequent and frustrating problem. We are growing day by day, and finding new clients all over the country. The team love their work and take great pleasure in seeing the impact we have had on so many businesses and charitable organisations. 

James' History

CEO James Stanbridge

  • has over 14 years @ Microsoft, building Azure, Office 365, Cloud Infrastructure Products and Operations in Asia and EMEA.
  • 2 years @ Oracle bootstrapping the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Product for ASIA and EMEA.
  • Start-Up experience as Vice President of Product at Declara Inc and
  • Virtual CTO and Business Coach since 2016.


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